Wednesday 31 July 2019


The left's most self-righteous George Galloway appeared on his favourite media outlet today and took aim at his old party.  Speaking to Russia Today he claimed that Labour would take a hammering in tomorrow's Parliamentary by-election in mid-Wales, saying its vote would "collapse" on the back of the party's new-found Remain stance.  Galloway quite rightly denounced the First Minister's own anti-Brexit position, which is directly at odds with how Wales voted in 2016.  The former Labour MP said that by calling for Brexit to be overturned Mark Drakeford is saying that he knows best and Welsh Brexit voters were "stupid".  He also links Drakeford's Remain posturing to an astonishing poll this week that suggests that Labour support has now fallen behind the Tories in Wales.

However, while George claims to know it all and is never wrong, he got a key detail horribly wrong during his interview.  On talking down Labour's chances in the by-election he bizarrely refers to Denbighshire (north Wales), when the election is taking place in Radnorshire (mid-Wales).  In fact Denbigh is more than 120 miles from Brecon!  We tweeted George to point out his glaring mistake, but predictably he didn't reply.

Watch Galloway's interview with RT below.