Monday 29 July 2019


Corbyn gave a lengthy interview to Sophy Ridge yesterday in which the porkies were flowing thick and fast from the off.  Corbyn began by repeating his socialist mantra that Labour would bring about 'equality'.  That's right, equality for all unless you're hard working, wealthy or Jewish.  He then claims that he doesn't make 'personal abuse', but his party is currently involved in slandering the Prime Minister by labelling him racist, hard right and fascist.  Indeed, a little later in the same interview Corbs describes Johnson's cabinet as "extremely right-wing".

When Sophy discusses Brexit she struggles to get any straight answers out of him and says that "her head starts to hurt" when trying to figure out exactly what it is he wants.  When she raises anti-Semitism the mood changes and she is met by a stern glare.  Sophy persists and he is clearly getting agitated to the point that he sighs and rolls his eyes.  That will ingratiate him to the Jewish community!

One of Corbyn's biggest fibs during this interview was his claim that the shadow cabinet is "extremely diverse".  Not compared to Johnson's 22 per cent minority ethnic cabinet it's not.  Corbyn has only half that number at 11 per cent which is less than the minority ethnic share of UK population.  He ends by saying that Labour represents "all parts and all communities of this country".  He save the biggest lie until last.