Thursday 4 July 2019


Despite Labour's clamour for a general election the opinion polls appear to be shifting away from them again.  YouGov currently has Labour in fourth on 18%, their lowest level in history.  The Tories, despite all their recent electoral drubbings, are now out in front!  As always, take with a pinch of salt.

Westminster Voting Intention (YouGov) 2-3 July

Con:  24% (+2)
Brex:  23% (+1)
LD:  20% (+1)
Lab: 18% (-2)
Green:  9% (-1)

Of slightly more interest are the latest Ipsos MORI polling figures on leadership qualities.  The pollsters asked participants what they though of the leadership qualities of four politicians - Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.  Presumably they omitted the Lib Dem leadership contenders because hardly anyone knows who they are.

The findings are grim indeed for the Great Leader...

Which of these is a capable leader?

Hunt:  37%
Johnson:  33%
Farage:  32%
Corbyn:  23%

Which of these would be good in a crisis?

Hunt:  32%
Farage:  28%
Johnson:  27%
Corbyn:  19%

Which of these has sound judgement?

Hunt:  36%
Farage:  30%
Johnson:  27%
Corbyn:  21%

Which of these understands the problems facing Britain?

Farage:  42%
Johnson:  40%
Corbyn/Hunt:  39%

Which of these is out of touch with ordinary people?

Johnson:  62%
Hunt:  53%
Corbyn/Farage:  47%

Which of these has got a lot of personality?

Johnson:  79%
Farage:  61%
Corbyn:  22%
Hunt:  18%

Which of these gives me confidence for Britain's future?

Johnson:  28%
Hunt:  25%
Farage:  23%
Corbyn:  16%

Which of these are patriotic?

Johnson:  64%
Farage:  55%
Hunt:  50%
Corbyn:  39%

Which of these are more honest than most politicians?

Farage:  34%
Corbyn:  32%
Hunt:  31%
Johnson:  25%

Which of these has more style than substance?

Johnson:  54%
Farage:  46%
Hunt:  29%
Corbyn:  23%

Which of these is a good representative for Britain on the world stage?

Hunt:  41%
Johnson:  28%
Farage:  27%
Corbyn:  21%

Hunt leads in four categories, Johnson and Farage three apiece, while Corbyn leads in two.  Crucially, Corbyn comes last in seven of eleven.  However, the entire poll is undermined by the fact that 39% of those polled thought Corbyn was 'patriotic'.  The man who supports almost every single one of our enemies?  Seriously?

Take with a digger sized bucket of salt!