Friday 19 July 2019


A Tory member of the London Assembly has posted the following video of Sadiq Khan on his Twitter account.  Unfortunately, there is no context provided as to why the mayor stated that "If you are a criminal you want there to be a no deal Brexit".  Not this time anyway, but he's said similar things before.  Read on.

Khan told James O'Brien on LBC last year that Brexit would be "music to the ears of criminals", claiming that our EU membership provided greater intelligence sharing in order to fight crime.  However, what could be more beneficial to criminals than freedom of movement?  If EU citizens (and the small number of criminals among them) are no longer coming here, what use is cross border intelligence?  Likewise, if we leave the EU then surely it would be more difficult for British criminals to go the other way?  Finally, there is no proof our departure from the EU would bring a complete halt to intelligence co-operation anyway.  Norway is not an EU member and yet it has a law enforcement agreement in place with Europol.

In any case, is Khan actually trying to say that crime could get even worse than it already is in our lawless capital?  Clearly this is just more Project Fear nonsense from the Europhile mayor!