Tuesday 2 July 2019


Bumbling backbench Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle was torn to shreds by the Beeb's Emma Barnett today on Radio 5 Live.  Russell-Wotsit flip-flopped on the issue of Chris Williamson in the space of three minutes and must be hoping that the Great Leader did not tune in to this embarrassing interview...

This is not the first time Russell-Wotsit has been coerced into a humiliating u-turn recently.  He was forced to cancel his invitation to Parliament of a Houthi Islamist spokesman last month.  A Corbyn loyalist, Russell-Wotsit was probably trying to replicate the Great Leader's many past exploits of inviting terrorists to Parliament.  The great irony of his invite was apparently lost on most media outlets - a gay man inviting a committed Islamist to Parliament?  It's turkeys voting for Christmas yet again.