Wednesday 3 July 2019


There were three headline grabbing stunts by British MEPs in Brussels yesterday, but naturally the actions of the Brexit Party drew the most attention, purely in order for them to be universally condemned by the Remain media.  Turning their backs on the EU 'anthem' this upset remoaners and got #NotInMyName trending on Twitter, supported by Remain celebs and Remain politicians.  "Unacceptable", "offensive" and "disrespectful" they cried.  Really?  To who?  The EU is not a nation, it is a collection of nations in the form of a political project.  The only people that this anthem represents are fanatical despots who support this hideous project and the more we can offend them the better.  They conveniently overlook the countless times EU figures have ridiculed and insulted Great Britain and her people over the course of the Brexit process.

In any case, could the rather petulant tactic of back-turning be more offensive than turning up at the 'parliament' in t-shirts emblazoned with swear-words?  The Lib Dems and their gammon-faced leader (oh, the irony) adopted the 'Bollocks to Brexit' slogan a few months ago and their MEPs wore it on the back of their 'Stop Brexit' t-shirts, much to the delight of EU fanatic Guy Verhoftwat.

Meanwhile, the Green Party's absurd MEP for Yorkshire showed up in a baseball cap and t-shirt featuring the words "F*** fascism" (oh, the irony).  Majid Majid has made a habit of wearing offensive t-shirts, including this beauty that suggests that migrants are superior to native Brits - a tad racist, wouldn't you say?  Dare we ask who all these migrants were that created the sovereign nation of Great Britain in 1707?

Green MEP Majid Majid

The greatest tragedy of this whole sorry episode is that not one British MEP should have been elected to this parliamentary term in the first place.  Our participation in European elections almost three years after we voted to Leave the EU is a national humiliation and an international disgrace.  However, we know exactly why we are still chained to the EU after all this time.  It's our own politicians who have betrayed the Leave mandate, primarily Labour MPs who have consistently voted against both a deal and no deal.