Monday 22 July 2019


The Shadow Justice Secretary was interviewed by Sophy Ridge yesterday in yet another car crash interview.  It started off excruciatingly as Dickie broke into a broad smile greeting his interviewer who promptly spoke over him and his face dropped like a lead balloon.  He then goes on to talk about the Gulf crisis, getting in a couple of customary digs at Donald Trump before he is asked about the dodgy candidate Labour is putting up against Boris in Uxbridge.  The interview ends dreadfully with an exchange in which Dickie attempts to get the better of Ridge and comes off looking like the second rate politician he is.  Check out Sophy's steely glare on 7:46 as she responds to him and leaves the poor lad dumbfounded.  Why even bother trying it sunshine?  You're a loser.

Watch the full interview below.