Tuesday 5 November 2019


Keir Starmer was wheeled out on Tuesday morning for a whirlwind tour of broadcast media.  In the space of less than 45 minutes he had appeared on the BBC, Sky and ITV.  Only Sky's Kay Burley got to meet him in person as the other interviews were done via satellite link.  She went to town on him, in particular over Labour's bizarre claim that a post-Brexit trade deal with the US would result in "rat hairs in our paprika and maggots in our orange juice".  This interview was preceded by another intense exchange on Good Morning Britain where both Piers and Susanna piled in.  The BBC's Dan Walker was tame by comparison, no surprises there.

Labour's plot to overturn Brexit has become much clearer today.  As Starmer himself admits, he has spent lots of time in Brussels over the last three years discussing the kind of Brexit deal that a Labour government would seek.  To retain membership of the customs union, single market (and freedom of movement) is not Brexit, it's Remain.  They would then put this deal "back to the people" with the alternative option of... Remain!  So, essentially what we would be getting in the event of a Labour government is a commitment to overturning the first referendum as Leave would no longer appear on the ballot paper.  At least the Lib Dems are honest about their intentions!

No, we're not sure why he was wearing two poppies on Kay Burley's show either.