Friday 1 November 2019


Dickie Burgon did the media rounds yesterday and as per usual provided some light entertainment for the election campaign.  On Good Morning Britain he was taken to task by Ben Shepherd and Susanna Reid over Labour's politics of envy.  Poor Richard ran rings around himself talking about targeting individuals one minute and then espousing a kinder, gentler politics the next (yes, that old Corbyn chestnut).  Even backbench MPs like daft Dave Lammy make more sense than bungling Burgon, but the glory of Dick is that this moron actually sits on Labour's front bench.  You could sense the presenters' growing exasperation as they moved on to Brexit and Labour's non-position.  Watch below.

Burgon followed up his ITV disaster by appearing in the Sky studio with Kay Burley.  You may recall that she humiliated him live on air last week.  Yesterday she followed this up with another epic burn.  We've edited the two clips together.

Burgon, like his front bench colleagues Thornberry and Abbott is the gift that keeps on giving.

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