Thursday 21 November 2019


Perhaps all the important hands were to the pump on Wednesday as Labour prepared to launch its communist manifesto.  How else to explain how the candidate for Brighton Kemptown was rolled out to talk about Labour's NHS conspiracy theory on the BBC's Politics Live.  "You've got no evidence" host Jo Coburn repeatedly told the hapless backbencher as he rattled off the usual Labour scare story about the NHS being sold off to the United States.

Brighton Kemptown candidates 2019

Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Lab)
Joe Miller (Con)
Ben Thomas (Lib Dem)
Graham Cushway (Brexit)
Alexandra Phillips (Green)

Brighton Kemptown general election 2017

Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Lab) 28,703 (58.3%) +19.2%
Simon Kirby (Con) 18,835 (38.3%) -2.4%
Emily Tester (Lib Dem) 1,457 (3.0%) N/c
Doktor Haze (Ind) 212 (0.4%) New