Thursday 14 November 2019


Labour's Kate Hoey appeared on a debate show last night on LBC in which she was pushed on who she would be voting for in the coming election.  Kate is not contesting her Vauxhall seat this time, but presumably she's still a member of the party.  Therefore, she answered Iain Dale's question in a very clever way, avoiding any potential expulsion from the party.  She's voting DUP in her native Northern Ireland, she says, although she stresses that if people want Brexit they should vote either Tory or Brexit Party.  Watch below.

While she didn't specifically endorse the Conservatives, several of her former colleagues have been more candid.  Ian Austin, John Woodcock, Gisela Stuart and most recently Tom Harris have all said they are voting Conservative at this election.  It's a stunning admission for one former Labour MP, but for so many it's surely unprecedented.

Corbynistas will point to several ex-Tory MPs who have said they are not voting Conservative, but there are two key differences.  Firstly, none of them have said they are voting Labour.  Secondly, they are all Remainers who know that a Tory majority will get the withdrawal agreement through Parliament.  The former Labour MPs endorsing the Conservatives include both Leavers and Remainers.  That says a lot.

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