Sunday 10 November 2019


Parliament's biggest narcissist wanted people to know that she was out in the rain on Thursday.  That's right folks, she got a bit wet, apparently.

Gorra number of problems with this bab.  Firstly, you're earning almost £80,000 (plus expenses) and most people in this country would happily go out in the rain every day of the week for that kind of money.  In fact many people do have to work outdoors whatever the weather, albeit for peanuts in comparison to you.  Who do you think delivers the tonnes of fan mail you send yourself?

Secondly Jess, you're always going on about these school cuts, but conveniently fail to acknowledge that the reason we have cuts is because of 13 years of reckless borrowing and spending by your mob.  The country never recovered from that, but you're suggesting that the Tories are to blame.  Even your mate Gordon accepted that had he continued in government beyond 2010 that Labour would have to accept a degree of austerity.  Furthermore, it was your own Birmingham colleague Liam Byrne who wrote the infamous letter - "Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there is no money".

Thirdly, and this is purely an observational comment on your video, you're not wet anyway.

One hopes that the residents of Birmingham Yardley are growing tired of this virtue signalling self-obsessed nonsense by now, but sadly she's got a big majority to overcome and no clear challenger.

Birmingham Yardley general election 2017

Jess Phillips (Lab) 25,398 (57.1%) +15.4%
Mohammed Afzal (Con) 8,824 (19.8%) +5.8%
John Hemming (Lib Dem) 7,984 (17.9%) -7.7%
Paul Clayton (UKIP) 1,916 (4.3%) -11.8%
Christopher Garghan (Green) 280 (0.6%) -1.1%
Abu Nowshed (Ind) 100 (0.2%) New