Wednesday 20 November 2019


Labour's Dawn Butler was involved in a disastrous gaffe last night following the head-to-head debate and a further two car crash interviews today.  Speaking after the debate last night she mistakenly endorsed Boris Johnson, much to the amusement of Priti Patel who was standing next to her (watch below).

This morning Butler was interviewed by an increasingly exasperated Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast, in which she was pushed on Labour's bizarre Brexit policy.  Following that she gave a radio interview to LBC's Nick Ferrari in which she got her homelessness figures horribly wrong (watch below).

Nick delved further into Butler's dodgy figures after the interview and found that last year the Greater London Authority estimated there were actually just 248 rough sleepers in the London Borough of Brent.  That's a long way off 3,000.

Greater London Authority homeless estimate (2018)

We're almost thankful that Dawn Butler has a safe seat, hopefully she will be on Labour's hapless front bench for a long time to come.

Brent Central candidates 2019

Dawn Butler (Lab)
David Brescia (Con)
Deborah Unger (Lib Dem)
William Relton (Green)

Brent Central general election 2017

Dawn Butler (Lab) 38,208 (73.1%) +10.9%
Rahoul Bhansali (Con) 10,211 (19.5%) -0.8%
Anton Georgiou (Lib Dem) 2,519 (4.8%) -3.6%
Shaka Lish (Green) 802 (1.5%) -2.6%
Janice North (UKIP) 556 (1.1%) -2.9%