Friday, 22 November 2019


Following last week's bizarre Batman video, Momentum have now tried to get Corbyn's communist message across by rejigging an old Coca Cola advert.  They've taken the classic Christmas advert and replaced the Coke logos with Labour manifesto pledges, including the brazen lie that only the 'top five per cent' will have their taxes increased under Corbyn.  Watch below.

By utilising one of the most recognisable brands of global capitalism to broadcast their message suggests there's no lack of irony in the Momentum media team.  However, the 'capitalist scum' at Coca Cola were not amused.

An official statement said:  "We have been made aware of a social post from Momentum which uses footage from the Coca-Cola Christmas advert.  The film is in no way endorsed by the Coca-Cola Company and we have not given permission for any footage to be used in this way.  We are taking steps to ensure this is removed."

Despite all of Momentum's cocky arrogance in taking on the might of the capitalist system, they deleted their video within half an hour of Coca-Cola's statement.  The damages probably would have bankrupted them.  The irony.