Saturday 9 November 2019


Labour lefty Laura Pidcock spoke to Jo Coburn on Politics Live yesterday to discuss the party's Brexit policy and how it was going down on the doorsteps.  Pidcock's north-east region of England was one of only three areas where Labour remains in the lead according to a new YouGov survey.  This is despite the region's big Leave vote in 2016.  Laura's own constituency of North West Durham returned one of the smaller Leave votes at 55 per cent.  We're no body language experts, but watching Laura's response to Coburn it appears that Labour's bullshit Brexit policy is not going down well at all.  Shifting awkwardly and looking down and away to the side is not the look of someone answering a question honestly.

At some point during this campaign let's hope that someone points out the bullshit of Labour's Brexit approach.  They are not offering a 'final say' about whether we Leave or Remain, the two options they are offering are Remain and Remain.  Their new deal would retain membership of both the customs union and single market, with freedom of movement set to continue.  This is not Brexit, it is Remain.