Thursday 7 November 2019


Former Labour MP Ian Austin gave a number of interviews this morning about why Jeremy Corbyn should not be Prime Minister of our country.  He's never made a secret about his opposition to Corbyn's leadership, but he has gone much further this time and urged Labour voters to back Boris Johnson in next month's election.  His most devastating interview this morning came on Kay Burley's show, in which he was close to tears.  Watch the full ten minute interview below.

It's a shame that Austin isn't standing as an independent as it would have gifted his old seat to the Tories.  However, his majority was so tight that it's fair to say if they don't gain here, they'll not gain anywhere.

Dudley North general election 2017

Ian Austin (Lab) 18,090 (46.5%) +4.7%
Les Jones (Con) 18,068 (46.4%) +15.6%
Bill Etheridge (UKIP) 2,144 (5.5%) -18.5%
Ben France (Lib Dem) 368 (0.9%) -0.3%
Andrew Nixon (Green) 240 (0.6%) -0.7%