Sunday 17 November 2019


As regular readers will know, Facebook constantly undermines and censors our pages.  Back in March we tried to add a product to our Facebook shop, but it was bizarrely rejected on the basis that they "don't allow the sale of animals".  What we were selling was a drinks coaster featuring an image of a British bulldog.  Yes, seriously.  Now you can dismiss that as a one-off anomaly based on a computer algorithm.  Fair enough.  Except it's happened again and this time the rejection is even more outlandish.

Our eBay affiliate took one of our popular memes and put it into a fridge magnet for general sale.  When we tried to add it to the Facebook shop it was rejected on the basis that they "don't allow the sale of sexually explicit items or services".  Er...

Is it the raised fist?  The phallic nose?  The sexy beret?  As per usual, our appeal fell on deaf ears.

If you would like to buy this magnet you can do so here.

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