Saturday 23 November 2019


A damning video appeared following Corbyn's appearance on the Question Time special on Friday night.  During the show Corbyn was taken to task on anti-Semitism by a member of the audience, in particular his interaction with a far left thug in 2016.  The question related to an incident in which Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth walked out of a Labour event to mark the launch of the Chakrabarti Inquiry.  Hard left activist Marc Wadsworth had accused her of working with 'right-wing' press against the party leadership.  Wadsworth was later expelled, but continues to back Corbyn.

The Great Leader responded to the audience member's accusation by admitting that he said 'hello' to Wadsworth, but in fact he did much more than that as the video revealed.  "I'll send you a text" Corbyn tells Wadsworth who responds moments later by announcing "I outed Smeeth".  They may as well have high-fived.