Friday 22 November 2019


As we pointed out on Facebook yesterday morning, the launch of Labour's manifesto in Birmingham happened to coincide with the anniversary of the Birmingham pub bombings.

One of the worst atrocities of the Troubles, many locals were understandably outraged that Labour chose Birmingham on that specific day.  As Corbyn arrived in a Black Country marginal yesterday afternoon he was confronted by angry protesters who shouted "IRA scum" and asked if he would be attending a memorial for the victims.  As per usual, the Labour leader was quickly ushered away from the scene.

Dudley North candidates 2019

Melanie Dudley (Lab)
Marco Longhi (Con)
Ian Flynn (Lib Dem)
Mike Harrison (Green)

Dudley North general election 2017

Ian Austin (Lab) 18,090 (46.5%) +4.7%
Les Jones (Con) 18,068 (46.4%) +15.6%
Bill Etheridge (UKIP) 2,144 (5.5%) -18.5%
Ben France (Lib Dem) 368 (0.9%) -0.3%
Andrew Nixon (Green) 240 (0.6%) -0.7%

Dudley South candidates 2019

Mike Wood (Con)
Lucy Caldicott (Lab)
Jonathan Bramall (Lib Dem)
Cate Mohr (Green)

Dudley South general election 2017

Mike Wood (Con) 21,588 (56.4%) +12.7%
Natasha Millward (Lab) 13,858 (36.2%) +3.6%
Mitchell Bolton (UKIP) 1,791 (4.7%) -14.3%
Jonathan Bramall (Lib Dem) 625 (1.6%) -0.5%
Jenny Maxwell (Green) 382 (1.0%) -1.5%