Friday 29 November 2019


Just three by-elections last night.  It was a great night for the Remain parties with the Lib Dems successfully defending one seat, taking another and also a gain for the Greens.  The Green win came largely thanks to the absence of a Lib Dem candidate, while the Lib Dems succeeded in Wiltshire largely thanks to the absence of both the Greens and Labour.  The Conservative vote in that election dipped a little, but rose in the other two seats.  The Labour vote was down slightly in the two seats it contested, finishing last in both.

Sheringham North, North Norfolk District Council

Lib Dem: 364 (48.4%) -15.0%
Con: 323 (43.0%) +17.8%
Lab: 65 (8.6%) -2.8%

Lib Dem HOLD

Wallingford, Oxfordshire County Council

Green: 998 (40.9%) +30.0%
Con: 755 (31.0%) +6.9%
Ind: 483 (19.8%) New
Lab: 202 (8.3%) -4.2%

Green GAIN from Ind

Trowbridge Lambrok, Wiltshire Council

Lib Dem: 622 (57.8%) +25.6%
Con: 455 (42.2%) -3.4%

Lib Dem GAIN from Con