Monday 4 November 2019


Jeremy Corbyn was the victim of an exquisitely planned and executed prank on Saturday night.  The Great Leader was at Gloucester University and probably felt he was on universally loyal territory.  However, he didn't count on the ingenuity of a couple of teenagers, primarily 15-year-old Thomas Chambers.

The crafty teens are filmed approaching the Labour leader after his speech and asking him for his autograph.  After Corbyn signs the folded piece of paper it is deftly passed to Thomas who unfolds it to reveal a damning message.  His accomplice then takes a picture while the entire incident is filmed by Thomas's dad Alastair, a former Labour supporter.  Watch below.

The Chambers travelled to the event from their home in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire.  After their stunt they left the event and Corbyn and his team were still none the wiser.  Thomas told the Sun it was his idea, but he was surprised at just how easy it was.

“I was really surprised at the security, it was rubbish and I walked right to the front of the room after he had finished speaking, said hello to him and got him to sign the piece of paper.  He didn’t say anything, there were no questions or concerns, he signed it willingly and was oblivious.  I don’t like his views in relation to anti-Semitism and I don’t like how he is affiliated with Hamas and Hezbollah, who he refers to as friends”.
Thomas Chambers

“I voted Labour for the last 17 years, my mum is Spanish and more socialist, my dad is English and more conservative, I have always been more on the socialist spectrum. Since Jeremy Corbyn has been leader, he has had a complete disregard for the UK, the way he talks about the SAS, who go undercover, fight for their country and get no recognition is wrong. He disgusts me. If they looked to change their leader and policies I’d consider voting for Labour, but on December 12th I will be voting for Boris Johnson".
Alastair Chambers

Corbyn even chortles to himself, oblivious as to what is going on

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