Thursday 21 November 2019


The vicious circle of Rachel Riley's battle with the hard left continues.  The day after her photo appeared in newspapers wearing an anti-Corbyn t-shirt the same newspapers are printing the furious online backlash against her.  Hard left trolls are always triggered by any criticism of Corbyn, but when they pile in on certain individuals they quite often stiffen their target's resolve.  Rachel Riley is one such individual and clearly has no intention of backing down.  The more she lashes out against the Great Leader, the more his tyrannical followers hit back.

We don't use the word 'tyrannical' lightly.  Just look at some of these comments, from calling on her employers to sack her to a rather sinister countdown clock perhaps suggesting that a Labour government would silence her...

As this article was being written, the trolls also have the hashtag #sackRachelRiley trending on Twitter.