Saturday 30 November 2019


The following video was sent in by David, one of our Facebook followers.  It's fair to say his Brexit-blocking Labour MP Barbara Keeley won't be getting his vote and why should she?  Worsley & Eccles South returned a 60% Leave vote in 2016.

According to the YouGov 'MRP model' released earlier this week, Keeley is expected to cling onto her seat, albeit with a slashed majority.  Other Labour Remainers won't be so lucky.  Unlike every other polling method, the MRP poll accurately predicted a hung Parliament in 2017.

Worsley & Eccles South candidates 2019

Barbara Keeley (Lab)
Arnie Saunders (Con)
Joe Johnson-Tod (Lib Dem)
Daniel Towers (Green)
Seamus Martin (Brexit)

Worsley & Eccles South general election 2017

Barbara Keeley (Lab) 26,046 (57.1%) +12.8%
Iain Lindley (Con) 17,667 (38.7%) +8.6%
Kate Clarkson (Lib Dem) 1,087 (2.4%) -0.2%
Tom Dylan (Green) 842 (1.8%) -1.1%