Wednesday 20 November 2019


Footage emerged today of a Brexit Party candidate being physically prevented from entering a Morrisons supermarket in Manchester.  The video shows Martin Power, the party's candidate for Denton and Reddish, repeatedly trying to enter the store, but being pushed back by both a security guard and a member of the public.  Mr Power is told by the two men to "f*** off" several times while being manhandled, shoved and eventually thrown to the ground.  At this point he gives up and walks away before explaining to a shopper what had happened.

Mr Power was clutching a wad of leaflets, but in the video he tells the security guard repeatedly that he just wants a cup of tea.  A spokesperson for Morrisons claims that Mr Power had been handing out leaflets inside the store and customers had complained.  However, the video only shows the candidate approaching the store and there is no suggestion that he has been previously removed.  Would someone seriously campaign inside a supermarket?  As he himself points out, it was more likely that he was handing out leaflets near the store and someone complained, leading to the overzealous actions of the security guard.  Watch the full video below.

Denton & Reddish candidates 2019

Andrew Gwynne (Lab)
Iain Bott (Con)
Dominic Hardwick (Lib Dem)
Gary Lawson (Green)
Farmin Lord F'Tang F'tang Dave (Loony)
Martin Power (Brexit)

Denton & Reddish general election 2017

Andrew Gwynne (Lab) 25,161 (63.5%) +12.7%
Rozila Kana (Con) 11,084 (28.0%) +4.3%
Josh Seddon (UKIP) 1,798 (4.5%) -14.1%
Louise Ankers (Lib Dem) 853 (2.2%) -0.3%
Gareth Hayes (Green) 486 (1.2%) -2.6%
Farmin Lord Dave 1st of Haughton (Loony) 217 (0.5%) New