Wednesday 27 November 2019


A podcast from Robert Peston earlier this week focused on the north-east of England.  Despite being one of the Labour heartlands, Peston's correspondent said there was a distinct lack of Labour presence n the campaign thus far.  Listen below.

If Corbyn's name is truly bombing on the doorsteps of the north-east this is yet another blow to Labour's chances of forming a coalition government.  In YouGov's big regional polls last month it was one of only three regions where Labour maintained a lead over the Tories and remained the strongest Labour region outside London.  Perhaps, as Peston's correspondent alludes, therein lies the problem.  London should not be Labour's strongest region, the Labour heartlands are traditionally the north of England and south Wales.  Corbyn and co are increasingly, and quite rightly, being seen as a London clique.  If Labour were to win next month then all four of the Great Offices of State would be occupied by London MPs - Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott and Thornberry.  They truly are the Party of London and they are going to lose many seats in their heartlands next month.