Monday 4 November 2019


News of a looming general election has given our campaign a much needed boost following the censorship of our Facebook page two weeks ago.  If we can maintain our presence at least until the election we will easily surpass 100,000 followers by then.  Obviously in the event of a Labour/SNP government we may well be silenced indefinitely at some point.  Critics and freedom of speech don't fair well under communism and make no mistake, that's the kind of authoritarian regime we can look forward to under the direction of John McDonnell.

Contrary to last week's update (when we did not expect an election), we'll now be increasing Facebook activity.  Engagement is still relatively low compared to reach, but we expect that to change in the coming week.  It was a record week on Twitter, largely thanks to this guy.  We also picked up a handful of new YouTube subscribers.


454,588 total page views (+5,111)


92,048 likes (+1,630)
97,319 follows (+1,851)

7,695 most shared post (-518)
35 number of posts

2,436,057 post reach (+2,199,854)
806,225 post engagement (+744,668)

Facebook (backup page)

4,474 likes (+47)
4,728 follows (+52)


661 followers (+129)


154 subscribers (+14)

Figures correct at time of publishing.