Monday 11 November 2019


It was a bit of a frustrating week for both of us last week.  Output on Facebook stagnated with reach and engagement both down, but this is largely down to Karl having been busy with work commitments.  On the plus side this blog had record traffic and Richey has also continued to make strides on Twitter.  Once again not a single donation was received, something that is continuing to sap Richey's motivation.  On the bright side a small amount of money will shortly come in on the back of the sale of the door posters.  If you've bought one we can't thank you enough.

You can donate here.


461,619 total page views (+7,031)


92,759 likes (+711)
98,104 follows (+785)

7,695 most shared post (-4,393)
36 number of posts

2,043,445 post reach (-392,612)
546,079 post engagement (-260,146)

Facebook (backup page)

4,499 likes (+25)
4,753 follows (+25)


788 followers (+127)


166 subscribers (+12)

Figures correct at time of publishing.