Monday 25 March 2019


The Remain media bias exposed itself today in two ways.  Firstly, there was the revelation that - shock, horror, wait for it - there weren't actually a million remoaners on the march on Saturday.  The 'one million' figure has featured in headlines across the media since Saturday, but a more honest estimate has now been independently reached and it's more like 350,000.  Not surprisingly this revelation has been carried by approximately zero news outlets, therefore leaving the public not only misinformed, but cynically disinformed.

The second case of Remain bias relates to the conviction of John Murphy, the man who squished an egg on Corbyn's head.  Just look at the headlines below, can you see a pattern?

Click to enlarge

It's almost as if the press wants everyone to know it was a "Brexiteer" what did it!  Imagine if a Remainer had done it?  Such is the biased narrative at the moment one wonders if it would even merit a headline.