Monday 11 March 2019


The recall petition against disgraced MP Fiona Onasanya will open a week tomorrow (details to follow).  Meanwhile, Peterborough City Council has announced the full cost of running the petition - a staggering £500,000!  Who is footing the bill you may ask?  The government will pay in full, therefore it will be the tax payer that ultimately pays!

This is sure to go down well with local residents who are already sick to death of their despicable MP.  Onasanya could still do the honourable thing and resign, but clearly she has no intention of doing so.  Her objective is to cling to the Westminster gravy train for as long as possible, like her equally worthless ex-Labour colleague Jared O'Mara up in Sheffield.

Onasanya is now pinning her hopes on the recall petition falling short of the ten per cent target required.  The council says the number of voters on the electoral register currently stands at 69,673, meaning a minimum of 6,967 must sign it in order to trigger her removal from office.

Voters can apply for a postal signature, but must do this before Monday 15th April.  They can also appoint a proxy to sign on their behalf, the deadline for this is Wednesday 24th April.

All the main parties and the local Peterborough Telegraph are supporting the petition.