Wednesday 6 March 2019


The scourge of 'wokeness' and third wave feminism has reportedly come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and why not?  The Male Cinematic Universe has generated 20 films and countless interrelated TV series, making it the highest grossing franchise of all time (bigger than Bond, Potter and Star Wars), but clearly it has been held back by the fascist white male patriarchy.

Now, with its 21st feature film, it's finally time!  It's time for feminism, it's time to hate men, it's time to set up a future in which our new female hero can piss on all those horrid male heroes that have made the franchise (and the comics) such a runaway success for decades.  It's time for Captain Marvel, that famous superhero that is always the first name that springs to mind when people think of Marvel (or DC).  No, not Captain America!  He's just a symbol of the white male patriarchy and requires a shield to protect his fragile masculinity.  Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man?  Lol, just more of the same anonymous so-called 'heroes', they all need to be reined in (after raising a paltry $17billion at the flicks).  It's not broke, but we're going to fix it anyway!

If you thought that was ironic, watch this video.

British irony, the best in the world!