Thursday 21 March 2019


Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has leapt on the victimhood bandwagon today with claims that someone "tried" to assault him.

The remoaner MP was in his Brighton Kemptown constituency at the time of the "assault".  Russell-Moyle immediately linked the incident with Theresa May's statement last night in which she pointed the finger of blame at MPs for the Brexit stalemate.  Remain MPs have expressed fury at her words, including the likes of Liz Kendall, Wes Streeting, Lisa Nandy and Caroline Lucas.  Speaker Bercow added his weight to their cause in the Commons today when he kindly and smugly exonerated them of any wrongdoing.

Trying to paint themselves as the 'victims' in all of this is going to do them no favours.  After all it's not May who has pit them against the country, they have done that themselves by their own shameful actions.  If this country doesn't leave the European Union a week tomorrow - yes May has to take a big chunk of the blame - but we must never forget the role in which Brexit blocking MPs have played with their endless amendments and stalling votes.