Thursday 14 March 2019


An overwhelming majority of Labour MPs once again voted to scupper Brexit last night.  The Caroline Spelman amendment was designed to prevent the UK leaving with no deal at any time.  Tory MP Spelman tried to withdraw the amendment late in the day, but Labour's Yvette Cooper pushed it through in her role as a co-signatory.  Yes, her again.

The now retitled Cooper amendment passed with a slim majority of four votes.  Only six Labour MPs voted against this amendment - Ronnie Campbell, Stephen Hepburn, Kate Hoey, John Mann, Dennis Skinner and Graham Stringer.

The main vote, now containing the Cooper amendment, passed with a wider margin of 43.  Just two Labour MPs - Stephen Hepburn and Kate Hoey - opposed this motion.  Campbell and Skinner voted for it, while Mann and Stringer did not vote.

The vote was not legally binding, but it's difficult to imagine a scenario in which this house of treason does not find a way to prevent us leaving on March 29th.  The next big vote is tomorrow - on seeking an extension to Article 50.

We voted to leave the EU and return sovereignty to our own Parliament.  Oh, the irony...