Tuesday 5 March 2019


If the Onasanya recall petition is successful the resulting by-election is going to be a close fought two-horse race.  The constituency in its current form dates back to 1974.  Of these past 45 years it was held by Labour for 14 and the Tories for almost 31.  With the Labour whip removed from Onasanya in December she became the first MP for Peterborough that was neither Tory or Labour since 1918.

2017 General Election

Fiona Onasanya (Lab) 22,950
Stewart Jackson (Con) 22,343
Beki Sellick (LD) 1,597
Fiona Radic (G) 848

2015 General Election

Stewart Jackson (Con) 18,684
Lisa Forbes (Lab) 16,759
Mary Herdman (UKIP) 7,485
Darren Fower (LD) 1,774
Darren Bisby-Boyd (G) 1,218

UKIP's absence from the 2017 contest appeared to hand a narrow victory to Labour.  Labour voters may not be happy with how their candidate turned out and the Tories will be looking to capitalise on the ill feeling and bounce back  If there is a by-election...

Confidence in the success of the petition is running high and EIGHT parties have already selected candidates.  In politics nothing much is certain, have they counted their chickens too soon?  Let's hope not.