Sunday 3 March 2019


Pro-Williamson loons in Pembrokeshire on Saturday

A complex internal conflict threatens to envelop Labour following the suspension of hard left MP Chris Williamson.  Tom Watson is obviously drawing a lot of fire and is the subject of a petition that is approaching 15,000 signatures.  Doubt he'll lose any sleep over a petition that was actually started seven months ago.  Must try harder, losers.

Of more interest is the new front, that which threatens to tear Momentum apart.  Last week its leader Jon Lansman came out and publicly condemned Labour's anti-Semitism, denouncing "conspiracy theorists".  The hard left Jew haters were not pleased.  A video then appeared, produced by Momentum and exposing Jewish conspiracy theories about Rothschilds and the like.  This ratcheted up the tension even further.  Add to this the fact that Lansman is himself Jewish and the pressure cooker is set to explode.

It's highly doubtful Williamson will be suspended for long, but it'll be fun watching the hard left cause a shed load of trouble in the meantime.