Friday 15 March 2019


You may not have heard of Novara Media, but you've probably encountered their 'journalists'.  The most prominent ones are Ash 'literally a communist' Sarkar and Aaron 'automated communism' Bastani.  Please don't watch the last video through to the end, unless you're a chronic insomniac.  We posted Sarkar's astonishing "Free money for everyone" video yesterday.

Despite Novara Media's unashamedly communist agenda, they don't support one of the miniscule loony left parties such as the Communist Party of Britain or Socialist Party of Great Britain.  No, they support the most mainstream communist party currently registered - Jeremy Corbyn's Labour.  And like Jeremy, they espouse the usual anti-British sentiment associated with the far left.

One of their co-editors is a guy called James Butler.  He keeps a low profile and goes by the name of 'James B' on Twitter.  Yesterday he denounced a statement by Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary.

Only a Brit-hating commie could find such a sentence stomach-turning, but then the far left is a natural ally of the Marxist IRA.  That is why Jamesie's heroes in red red Labour were fawning all over Adams and McGuinness throughout the 1980s.

Who were the real cowards of the Troubles?  The uniformed men who patrolled in the open and risked their lives every single day, in the full knowledge that it could be the day they were struck down by a sniper's bullet or car bomb - or the faceless men who placed those bombs and ran away, hid in bushes or attacked from the safety of the Irish Republic?

James Butler despises British soldiers

Just one more thing to note wee man.  It was a Labour government that put those troops on the streets.