Friday, 8 March 2019


Today is supposed to be the day that feminists gather on city streets to demand women's rights and equality.  Sadly, the current rabble who call themselves 'feminists' are a poor imitation of those who fought for the vote.  In fact they're an insult to the suffragettes.  They are nothing but a bunch of spiteful misandrists who defend neither women's rights or equality.  In the pampered liberal West both women's rights and equality are guaranteed in law.  Ask them about those parts of the world where women truly suffer and they clam up.

This video is from 2017 and features Canadian political activist Lauren Southern trying to pose a simple question to the 'feminist' marchers - would they prefer women's rights or Islam?  Their reaction is priceless, but predictable.  Then see the hate spill forth when word spreads that Lauren's cameraman is, er, a man!