Saturday 30 March 2019


A third defeat must surely have killed off May's deal, but no.  There are already reports she is preparing to submit it to Parliament a FOURTH vote in a desperate attempt to stave off a long extension that she knows will almost certainly signal the end of Brexit.  This is beyond embarrassing and she, aided by MPs, has made this country a laughing stock.  So what hope is there for the Leave mandate to be fulfilled?  With May as Prime Minister it appears to be precisely zero.

In responding to her latest defeat May pretty much committed us to the dreaded 'long extension' and once again ruled out no deal.  The EU, rubbing its hands with glee at the prospect, immediately scheduled a summit for April 10th, two days before the next scheduled departure.  This is where the 'long extension' will pass and Brexit will be effectively kicked into the dirt for good.  Democracy died on 'Brexit Day' - killed by hundreds of contemptuous MPs on all sides, killed by cowardly two-faced Corbyn and his party of Remainers and killed by Remain facilitators such as May and Bercow.

May could have easily got us out of the EU, on time with no deal.  She's not interested in that option and quite simply it is her deal or no Brexit.  We know that now, she's staked her leadership on it and effectively killed Brexit.  The mandate given to Parliament can no longer be achieved with her in Number Ten.  She has to go, otherwise there is just no hope.