Sunday 17 March 2019


Little Owen seems to spend most of his time trolling Twitter these days.  However, as many of you will be aware - he can give it, but he can't take it.  Just to clarify, that is not a sexual reference.  It's what Owen does when he can't handle the comebacks, he blocks people.  He blocked our Twitter account ages ago.

Owen's latest online bitchfest is all about the 'racist' British media and what he perceives as the 'demonisation' of Muslims.  He's somehow tied this in with the Christchurch massacre, despite the fact this atrocity took place on the other side of the world.  He's currently promoting a demonstration for tomorrow, bearing all the hallmarks of leftist identity politics.  All lives matter sunshine.

Owen has even lashed out at pro-Corbyn rag the Mirror...

A similar tweet was posted by Labour NEC member Huda Elmi later the same day.

However, eagle-eyed Twitter users have pointed out previous newspaper headlines about the 'angelic schoolboy' now known to the world as Jihadi John.  And Owen is supposedly a journalist!