Tuesday 19 March 2019


At 07:00 this morning the polls opened in Peterborough.  No-one was being elected, but the hope is that someone is being kicked out six weeks from now.  The Peterborough Telegraph published some photos to highlight the opening day of the Fiona Onasanya recall petition...

The signing locations are as follows, but only registered electors in the Peterborough constituency are eligible to sign.

Bedford Hall, Station Road, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0QE
Bretton Library, The Cresset, Rightwell, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8DS
Dogsthorpe Library, Central Avenue, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, PE1 4LH
East Community Centre, Padholme Road, Peterborough, PE1 5EN
Eye Youth & Community Centre, Crowland Road, Eye, Peterborough, PE6 7TN
Honeyhill Childrens Centre, Chadburn, Paston, Peterborough, PE4 7DH
St Luke’s Church, Mayors Walk, West Town, Peterborough, PE3 6EZ
The Bull, Guntons Road, Newborough, Peterborough, PE6 7QW
Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HQ
Werrington Library, Staniland Way, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6JT