Friday 24 May 2019


Very negative sounds are beginning to filter out from various local Labour campaigners.  Despite many local candidates choosing to ignore the vague Brexit party line and masquerade as 'hard Remain', they have apparently found their efforts falling on deaf ears.  It turns out that Remain voters don't want to vote for a fence-sitting non-committal party when there are hard Remain parties in abundance - the Lib Dems, Greens, 'Change UK' and Plaid/SNP.

"I won’t be voting Labour, I want to be voting for a party who are unequivocally ‘remain’.  I will be voting for the Green Party”.  That was the message one Labour canvasser received in Corbyn's own Islington back yard.  Elsewhere in rock solid London Labour territory activists were finding it unusually tough to sell their message.  “We are being told we have to beat the Brexit Party, by somehow sort of supporting Brexit, which is understandably confusing”, bemoaned a Labour canvasser in Camden.

Meanwhile, in the South West of England one of Labour's biggest remoaners tweeted despairingly that it was his worst election day experience in 35 years.

It's unlikely that Labour will finish behind the Greens overall, but the fact that it is even a possibility must be humiliating.  The opinion polls this week have differed wildly on forecasting second place, albeit they all agree that either Labour or the Lib Dems will trail in behind the Brexit Party.  For Labour to finish third would be devastating for them, but it does appear that the negative vibes trickling out suggest some in the party are trying to prepare their troops for the worst.

Perhaps next time Labour will rethink their decision to bleat non-stop about a contrived threat of the 'far right', a bogeyman they have used to try and scare people into voting Labour.  For the last week and a half the only message coming from the national party has been that both pro-Leave parties are somehow 'fascist'.  In doing so they have tarred every single Leave voter with the same brush.  A disgusting and somewhat suicidal tactic, it will not be forgotten quickly.