Thursday 9 May 2019


A whopping FIFTEEN candidates have been nominated for the forthcoming Parliamentary by-election in Peterborough.  The 61% Leave voting constituency has attracted a large field of Leave candidates, but the big news has been on the Remain side.

Four Remain parties were to stand aside and back a single independent Remain candidate - Femi Oluwole - but he backed out at the last minute.  Femi is a familiar face to TV audiences, but is not the brightest spark and was last seen in this embarrassing performance on Good Morning Britain.  Anna Soubry claims he was 'leaned on' by the Labour party and he pulled out just two hours before the deadline.  Strangely, the other three parties all managed to get their nomination papers in after Femi withdrew, but not Change UK.  Funny that, it's almost as if Soubry's party is afraid of elections!

The candidates are as follows.

Brexit Party - Mike Greene
Christian People's Alliance - Tom Rogers
Common Good: Remain in the EU - Dick Rodgers
Conservatives - Paul Bristow
English Democrats - Stephen Goldspink
Green Party - Joseph Wells
Independent - John Moore
Independent - Bobby Smith
Labour - Lisa Forbes
Liberal Democrats - Beki Sellick
Official Monster Raving Loony Party - Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope
Renew - Peter Ward
SDP Fighting for Brexit - Patrick O'Flynn
UK European Union Party - Pierre Kirk
UKIP - John Whitby

The seat was narrowly taken from the Conservatives at the last election, when there were just four candidates.  Quite how the array of Leave/Remain candidates will affect the by-election result is anyone's guess.

2017 General Election

Fiona Onasanya (Lab) 22,950
Stewart Jackson (Con) 22,343
Beki Sellick (LD) 1,597
Fiona Radic (G) 848