Tuesday 21 May 2019


Ruth Townsley, the woman behind the vile acid tweet, has followed in the footsteps of her fellow cowardly hate-filled remoaners by deleting her social media accounts.  Bit late love.  You're now screencapped for eternity.

Ruth Townsley

Like yesterday's egg chucker, Townsley is also a Labour follower.  As we've stated previously, the Labour Party's decision to run their election campaign by labelling Leave-supporting opponents as "far right" and "fascists" has created a climate in which this behaviour has almost been normalised.  Until today, none of the previous milk chuckers had been arrested or charged, but Nigel Farage's assailant Paul Crowther will appear in court on June 18 charged with common assault and criminal damage.  Here here.

Will anything be done about Ruth though?  Before she deleted her Facebook and Twitter accounts we managed to capture another one of her posts in which she incites violence, on this occasion she is specifically talking about the wealthy.

The US attack she is referring to appears to be the gun attack launched by a left-wing activist against Republican congressmen gathering for a baseball game.  Fortunately the only person killed in the incident was the perpetrator himself.

If the police are not going to act against this woman, pressure can be applied on her employers.  She works as a project manager at Bristol-based charity Happy City.