Wednesday 29 May 2019


Remoaners furious at Labour's expulsion of Alastair LOSER'S VOTE Campbell have hit back in a trademark hissy fit by calling for Brexiteer Kate Hoey to be expelled too.  On what basis, you may ask?  Did she campaign for a rival party?  No.  Has she indicated she voted for another party?  No.  They are calling for her sacking on the basis that she campaigned with Nigel Farage during the referendum campaign three years ago!

Talk about clutching at straws.  The referendum was not fought on party lines and MPs were free to campaign with whichever campaign group they desired.  Kate Hoey chose Grassroots Out, a group supported by the likes of Tories Peter Bone and Liam Fox, George Galloway and, of course, Nigel Farage (then of UKIP).  She later expressed support for Leave Means Leave, a group set up after the referendum to campaign for the Leave mandate to be implemented.  Again, this was a non-partisan cross-party group, a fact pointed out by Hoey in the following tweet.

Why are Labour remoaners not screaming for the expulsion of Gisela Stuart, the now former MP?  She not only supported Vote Leave - she chaired it.  No, the real reason they want rid of Hoey is because she is the only Labour MP that has voted in favour of Brexit at every single opportunity since 2016.  Ultimately they want her replaced by a Remain candidate, giving themselves yet another Brexit blocking vote in the Commons.

These outlandish and unfounded calls to expel Kate Hoey are just more sour grapes, albeit with a long-term Brexit-blocking purpose in mind.