Friday 17 May 2019


"Jeremy Corbyn is an extremist and he is unfit to be our Prime Minister"

That's how former Labour MP Ian Austin began his epic take down of Corbyn on last night's edition of This Week.  The three minute monologue contained so many anti-Corbyn soundbites it could keep us in memes for weeks...

"John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn think wealth is the problem and the people who create it are the enemy"

"To govern this country you must love Britain, but that disqualifies Jeremy Corbyn.  He's the opposite of a patriot.  He's a danger to our national security and that's evident from his foreign policy.  At every opportunity he's backed Britain's enemies"

"Leadership polls are a two-horse race, but Corbyn regularly comes third behind 'don't know'"

Watch the video below.