Thursday 30 May 2019


Just as Little Owen is the unofficial mouthpiece of Jeremy Corbyn, a rather surprising backer has emerged on behalf of Nigel Farage.  Left-wing Brexiteer George Galloway announced he was voting for Farage's party "one-time only" in the Euro elections, but since then he has positioned himself as a pro-Brexit Party correspondent.  He is also thought to have sought the Brexit Party nomination for the Peterborough by-election (one week today), having previously considered running as a pro-Leave independent.

In the video below George passionately rallies for Farage and the Brexit Party and goes on to discuss a number of political developments.  Please note he is mistaken in describing Peterborough as the 'most pro-Brexit town' in the country.  Although a 61% Leave-voting constituency this doesn't even place it in the top 100 pro-Brexit constituencies.  Sorry George.

As we've stated before, in order to 'get the job done' and force the politicians to implement the Leave mandate we will have to hold our noses and join forces with those with whom we would not normally associate.  After-all, despite what the Remainers say, the 52% are not all elderly right-wing 'gammon'.