Wednesday 8 May 2019


Labour MP Jess Phillips is lapping up the attention lately.  The loudmouth member for Birmingham Yardley has been in the media spotlight thanks to comments made by UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin.  She claims to have been harassed by a supporter of Benjamin outside Parliament earlier this week, further adding to the media furore.  Jess certainly loves to be the centre of attention and is clearly milking the episode to further her fake feminist credentials.

Why do we say 'fake' you might ask?  Because she doesn't care a jot about actual victims of sexual violence.  She does not speak up for the thousands of English girls raped and abused by Muslim grooming gangs and when asked about the mass rape in Cologne she dismissed the assaults as mere 'baiting and heckling'.

How the people of Yardley must collectively cringe when she appears on screen.  With her anti-Brexit stance rubbing up against her Leave-voting constituency surely it's time to get rid at the next election?  A nasty narcissistic hypocrite.