Friday 24 May 2019


If anyone is wondering why the votes from yesterday are still sitting in the ballot boxes and haven't been counted, it's because the count is not until Sunday evening.  The delay is to allow for the 27 other EU countries to hold their elections.  The count can begin once all member states have voted.

Most of Europe votes on Sunday, the only other country that voted yesterday was the Netherlands.  The Czechs and the Irish are voting today.  It will be interesting to see how the following independent gets on in the Dublin region.  He certainly has an interesting campaign video...

There will be no exit poll until Sunday either, so until the BBC coverage begins at 10pm we will be in the dark as to the likely result.  All the final opinion polls conducted this week suggested an impressive victory for the Brexit Party, with either the Lib Dems or Labour a distant second.  However, as we know, opinion polls cannot always be trusted.

A poll we're running on the Facebook page certainly appears to show a huge shift in the Leave vote from UKIP to the Brexit Party in recent weeks.  It's currently showing 93% in favour of the Brexit Party, whereas seven weeks ago the Brexit Party was on 55% against UKIP (based on 8,000 votes).