Sunday 12 May 2019


Facebook is now banning right wingers merely for declaring support for other right wingers who have been banned.

Silicon Valley has declared war on the right recently, with ever more censorship while at the same time ignoring Marxists, anti-Semites, Islamists and even terrorists.  While the likes of Milo, Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have been taken down by the social media giants, the likes of Hamas still have accounts.  You read that correctly - Hamas has a Twitter account!

The powers that be at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co simply don't care how their blatantly biased actions are perceived any more.  The gloves are off.

We are genuinely concerned about our own Facebook page at the moment.  More than four years have been spent building up our following and it would be a huge loss to have it snatched away, but it would not be the end.  We don't quit easily.  In the event we suddenly disappear from social media, your first port of call should always be, but be sure to like and follow the back-up page on Facebook as we may be able to fall back to it.  BTLP2 has been utilised several times in the past and is essential if you wish to stay in the loop while we occasionally serve time in Facebook prison.

The Spectator recently published a useful article on locating censored political activists online, but some of the platforms they are now using are not exactly household names.  Perhaps we should also be obtaining accounts on these obscure platforms in preparation for the worst?  It's easier said than done when we are already stretched to the limit trying to run this site, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There just aren't enough hours in the day!