Friday 31 May 2019


In our increasingly politically correct world it was no great surprise to see John Cleese attract a lot of condemnation from the establishment for his recent tweet.  The biggest irony is that a lot of the flak he's received has actually done everything to confirm his observation.  The first thing to remember is that Cleese described London as not really an 'English' city any more, he did not say 'British'.  The English are an ethnic group in their own right.  So take some of the highest profile criticisms of Cleese.

Firstly he was mocked by the ethnic Pakistani Mayor of London in this tweet.  Then on Good Morning Britain there was a discussion about Cleese's comments involving six people, five of whom were black and Asian while the sixth was Russian!  How did the producers not see the irony?

You can watch the exchange below, in which two of the participants have already decided that Cleese is a racist old fool, while he is defended by a Russian guy and former England cricketer Monty Panesar.  Let's also remember that white racists, by and large, don't choose to go and live on a Caribbean island inhabited predominantly by black people.  Cleese lives on the isle of Nevis.

Adil Ray, aka sitcom character 'Citizen Khan', seems to think that someone is 'English' merely by residing in London.  The Russian dude seemed to find this absurd as surely most people watching at home did.

If three Asians, two blacks and a Russian didn't convince everyone that Cleese was right, the man himself was on the offensive today...

@VictoriaW1212 again rather proving Cleese's point, not only in that London is less English, but in that it also voted to Remain by a country mile.

One of the trolls retweeted by Cleese actually deleted her Twitter account as she couldn't handle a counter argument.  The irony.