Tuesday 7 May 2019


It's that time of year folks.  Of course most of you would be forgiven for not knowing what time of year it is we're referring to, but it's basically the time of year when Muslims fast and Labour politicians suck up to them.  Yes, this is the party that bends over backwards to accommodate their priority voters...

Dismiss Islamist terror attacks as 'incidents'?  Check!
Scream blue murder about attacks on Muslims?  Check!
Hate Israel, love Palestine?  Check!
Sweep child sexual exploitation by Pakistani grooming gangs under the carpet?  Check!
Ignore female genital mutilation and label anyone who speaks out a racist?  Check!
Fast-track planning permission for new mosques and madrassas?  Check!
Encourage Muslims to sign up to postal votes?  Check!

And finally, show your love for Ramadan on Twitter in toe-curling dhimmitude...

Back in the old days when Labour's sole purpose was to speak up for the working classes of England, Scotland and Wales, could anyone have predicted that the party's priorities would change so drastically?